The educational program

    SARD believes with the importance of education in human life. Therefore, it has established Brainy Bunch kindergarten for development education which used the Montessori system in learning and it depends on ” learning by exploration”, it is a Malaysian educational system. The teaching staff of this kindergarten have traveled to Malaysia to train and learn more about Montessori system.

This kindergarten provides a distinctive educational environment for children it has classrooms, halls, non-methodical educational laboratories and other equipment’s. It is considered as a branch for Brainy Bunch Malaysian institution because it provides a special educational system. It is being developed for a higher level, whereas the development education school was opened in 2017/2018. In addition to that, this program includes a distinctive project which is (Remedial courses project for low achievements students) it was implemented by the association recently and it provided a unique model to improve the achievement of poor and orphans children.