Zakat Appeal

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Your Zakat has the power to transform lives, from sheltering those who have no home, to feeding families who have endured hunger for days on end. Please, donate your Zakat where the need is greatest. ……………………………………………………………………. Donate your Zakat through SAWAED safe in the knowledge that your donation will go directly to where it is […]

إعلان طرح عطاء رقم 07/2020

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مشــــــــــــــروع الأضــــــــــــاحي لــعــــــــام 2020 تعلن جمعية سواعد للإغاثة والتنمية عن طرح عطاء لتنفيذ مشروع الأضاحي للعام 2020 م  تبعاً للشروط والمواصفات الموضحة في كراس العطاء، فعلى الشركات ذات الاختصاص والمسجلة رسمياً وترغب في المشاركة في هذا العطاء مراجعة جمعية سواعد خلال أوقات الدوام الرسمي من أجل الحصول على كراس العطاء مقابل دفع مبلغ (100  شيكل) […]


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            Planting trees offers a wild range of benefits to people and environment. Planting projects are a necessary investment projects that can achieve much profits to the families. More than of 30 % of disease in Gaza are food related as Anemia, Cancer, fever and Food poisoning. Our aim is […]


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  Eyes are lens which enable us to see beauty of universe; good vision is essential to performing daily activities. It is very important to take care of our eyesight especially our children that may affect the academic performance or even self-confidence. Our aim is to improve life circumstances, healthy conditions, mitigating the suffering of […]

School Bag

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As good education has the power to change life, we seek to implement a school bag projects to cover the needs of needy and orphans children to ensure that they have their minimum school requirements such as stationery, pens and books to continue their educational procession.

Winter Clothes

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        Many needy families and orphans suffer from a severe shortage of thick clothes, and blankets. Most of these families are not able to provide their essential needs as a result of the difficult economic conditions they live in. our aim is to provide a warm winter to alleviate the suffering of poor families.

Ramadan Appeal 2019

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57% of the people who live in Gaza do not have the ability to secure food for their families and children. 80 % of Gaza’s on relief aids and food packs that distributed regularly on them to mitigate their suffering. Help the needy and feed the Hungry in Ramadan.

Gaza Under Attack

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    Gaza under attack | Gaza strip is under sever shelling and bombarding since 24 of March before few day and still, these airplane strikes hit civilian buildings and tens of innocence people houses. More than 50 raids launched and leaded to thousands of scared children and women, in addition to tens of injuries

Brainy bunch children celebrated Palestinian day

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Brainy bunch kindergarten has finished the 4th session of the summer camp, Children of the world, holding a Palestinian Day in which children enjoyed customs and traditions of the Palestinian wedding. The day included some traditional paragraphs; children wear traditional clothes, danced “Dabka”, used traditional tools such wheat mill and ate “Somaqyya”, famous dish in […]

Meals for kindergarten students

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The charity cuisine run by Sawaed offers a variety of nutritious meals either as iftar or as regular meals. The aim of this activities is to integrate and uplift widows who were well trained to cook the healthy meals and to provide these healthy Iftar and other general meals to kindergarten students which will contribute […]