Eidul Adha ِAppeal


Let’s don’t deprive the needy from Eid happiness.

Let’s don’t forget the needy and poor on the blessed occasion of Eid.

Gaza is the place of suffering, where most people are already exhausted after 13 years of a very tight siege, that resulted in a dramatic increase in poverty and unemployment rates, as it imposed on two million people who can’t cover their basic food needs.

Eid Al-Adha is a special occasion to gladden the poor children hearts and compensating the shortfall of food where the needy families will be looking forward to receive healthy fresh meat.

Follow Islam legislations and revive the sunnah of Ibrahim alayhisalam by sharing your Qurbani meat with those deprived people who can’t afford the Audheia cost ( Qurbani.

Make Eid ul-Adha extra delightful and spread happiness between destitute people who are living in poverty and hunger.

Don’t forget that souls who are living in slums, having no roof to live under, no proper and healthy food to eat, no clothes to dress up and having no resources to celebrate the festivities.

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