Medical Appeal

  • Theshortage of medicines reached levels with over 50% of essential medicines unavailable in Gaza hospitals.
  • The deteriorating living conditions would make Gaza uninhabitable by 2020.
  • Thousands of Gazan’s people under the threat of death due to health sector collapse.
  • COVID-19 pandemic could soon rage out of control in Gaza strip.


In light of the fear of a health sector collapse in the Gaza Strip and the foreseeable inability of the healthcare system to deal with the huge number of patients that is still increasing.

Many hospitals lack modern medical equipment to treat Gaza’s sick. They face shortages of supplies like blood bags and common medications. The thousands of Palestinians who live with disabilities struggle with inaccessible facilities and inadequate care. Many in Gaza fall ill from water that is not potable and the poor sanitation that pervades communities without sewage networks.

The shortage of medicines, supplies and equipment is an ongoing problem and reached record levels over 50% of essential medicines were unavailable. Gaza also lacks ambulances and properly equipped health and emergency centers.

This situation has put hundreds of people at risk and many people died while. access to basic healthcare is often impossible due to frequent power cuts.

In addition to what Gazan people suffer from 14 years, new suffering added to People in Gaza due to Corona “COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of quarantine measures on the life of ordinary citizens, more than 140,000 workers in Gaza Strip who get daily incomes have been added to the unemployment lists, and this requires intensified efforts to support them.

Donate to SAWAED to provide medical access to the poor.

Help the poor patients to overcome their diseases.

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