• More than one million people in Gaza, half of the population don’t have enough food.
  • Over 1m Palestinians under poverty line in besieged Gaza


Over one million people in Gaza are living in dire conditions, they are struggling to survive in the hardest situations which have been directly tied to the impact of continuous blockade, restricted movement of people as food can’t go in or out of Gaza without Israel permission, in addition to high unemployment, poverty and food insecurity. Actually, 1.7 million people are deprived from life necessities, they are suffering from extreme poverty, Moreover, consequences of attacks on Gaza left thousands of women headed families who have no survival means.

*Many people wait the month of Ramadan eagerly except the poor ones who don’t have even a healthy meal to break their fasting.

*Ramadan is a sacred month which brings the family together on the breakfast meal at evening but not for those who still fast day and night.

*Ramadan for many of us, is a few hours of feeling hunger but there are thousands Palestinian have hunger as a daily fact.

*Your small sadaqa will bring happiness to the faces of struggling families in Gaza, and the holy month of Ramadan is the perfect chance to have Allah satisfactions and rewards by sharing your sadaqa, zakat, Iftar and suhur for those in need.


*Help those who are forced to fast continuously, and don’t have an abundance of food and water waiting for them when the time approaches to break their fast.

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