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Humanitarian Relief

Humanitarian Relief is essential in the Gaza context which features recurrent wars, prolonged siege and chronic acute shortage of resources and employment. The main goal is to reach communities in need and uplift them by assessing their needs and networking for the sake of covering those needs.


Ever since its inception, Sawaed Association has paid a paramount attention to the Development as a key entry point to community empowerment. The target group of development is the community different groups including women, men and children to ensure leaving no one behind and bringing about the maximum impact of all development oriented activities.


Sawaed Association for Relief and Development contain a group of volunteer, young people who aspire to serve people under siege, unemployment and poverty, which reach a rate of more than (80%) in Gaza Strip according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. Many charitable associations provide relief to poor families in Gaza Strip, but Sawaed focus on the field of development and raising the capacity of Palestinian society; children, women, young and old according to its formulated programs and plans such as (training, education, awareness). In addition to that, Sawaed provide relief to these groups and help them to continue in the program, so they become productive and able to depend on themselves

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وظيفة ( تصوير و مونتاج )

تعلن جمعية سواعد للإغاثة والتنمية عن حاجتها لشغل وظيفة ( تصوير و مونتاج ) وذلك ضمن الشروط التالية المهام المطلوبة مهارات متقدمة في تصوير الفيديو وأعمال المونتاج إجادة استخدام الحاسوب والإنترنت القدرة على العمل تحت الضغط والالتزام بالمواعيد مهارة استخدام […]


            Planting trees offers a wild range of benefits to people and environment. Planting projects are a necessary investment projects that can achieve much profits to the families. More than of 30 % of disease […]


  Eyes are lens which enable us to see beauty of universe; good vision is essential to performing daily activities. It is very important to take care of our eyesight especially our children that may affect the academic performance or […]

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