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Ever since its inception, Sawaed Association has paid a paramount attention to the Development as a key entry point to community empowerment. The target group of development is the community different groups including women, men and children to ensure leaving no one behind and bringing about the maximum impact of all development oriented activities.

Humanitarian Relief

Humanitarian Relief is essential in the Gaza context which features recurrent wars, prolonged siege and chronic acute shortage of resources and employment. The main goal is to reach communities in need and uplift them by assessing their needs and networking for the sake of covering those needs.


The association works to provide relief to citizens in times of disasters and wars in crises and meets the needs of the poor and needy, and seeks to provide various development projects that serve and relieve the suffering of the gazan citizen.

Municipality of Gaza
Office of the mayor

Usually shows a good commitment toward overall organizational development and performance.

Islamic Relief Worldwide
Palestine office

We are highly recommend their integrity and professionalism

Director of education
East Gaza

They was able to reach poor families targets, and provide appropriate help for them.

NGO Development center

They played a critical role in the relief efforts during the large-scale military offensive leading to widespread destruction

Ministry of social affairs
Deputies' office


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